FM Tuner signal reception tips

Last Update: 06/09/2016

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Tips for improving tuner signal reception:

Radio signal quality can be influenced by several factors when operating a tuner inside of a building. These factors include the receiver’s proximity to windows and the outer wall of the house, the materials used in the walls, it’s proximity to other electronic devices, and the signal strength of stations in the area. If you are having trouble receiving FM radio transmissions, you can try some of the following steps:

1.  Ensure that the FM antenna is connected. It is a length of grey wire with a plug on one end.   

2.  Stretch the antenna out to its full length. Do not coil the antenna.
3.  Separate the antenna from the other cables behind the receiver, especially power cables.
4.  If possible, try positioning the receiver near a window to reduce interference from building materials

If the preceding steps do not sufficiently improve your signal reception, your next option is to use a 3rd party antenna. The stock antenna, while functional in most situations, can struggle with weak radio signals. Using an amplified antenna can improve reception in these situations. You can use any FM antenna, as long as it uses a 75 ohm, F-type connector. We have included some pictures of this connection type below:


You will find there are many varieties of FM antenna, ranging from indoor antennas, to roof-mounted; some are powered and others are not. Any of them will work, as long as they use the 75ohm, F-type connection.


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