How do I play photos from an iPod using a Yamaha AV receiver and the YDS-10 iPod dock?

Last Update: 11/13/2010

  1. Put iPod in the Yamaha YDS-10 iPod dock.
  2. Press the V-AUX/DOCK button on the AV receiver’s remote control (This will change the receiver to the iPod dock input).
  3. Move the slide selector switch on the right side of the remote control to [SOURCE]. (This will set the receiver to operate the iPod)

NOTE: Photo selections must be made on the iPod screen and using the A/V receiver remote control

  1. In the main menu screen on the iPod, use the [UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT] arrow buttons as well as the [ENTER] button to select Photos.
  2. Use the [UP/DOWN] arrow buttons to highlight Slideshow Settings.
  3. Press the [ENTER] button to go into the Slideshow Settings on the iPod.
  4. In the Slideshow Settings, use the [UP/DOWN] arrow buttons to highlight TV Out.
  5. Press the [ENTER] button to toggle the TV Out to the ON position.
  6. Press the [MENU] Button to exit Slideshow Settings and return to Photos.
  7. Use the [UP/DOWN] arrow buttons to highlight your Photo selection and press the [ENTER]. For example: highlight Photo Library and press the [ENTER] button.
  8. Use the [UP/DOWN] arrow buttons to select the photo for viewing, then press the [ENTER] button.
  9. The photo selected will come up on the iPod screen.
  10. To display the photo on the TV screen, press the [ENTER] button once again.
  11. Press the [LEFT] arrow button to go back to the Photo Library and the picture will come off the TV screen. Another photo selection can now be made on your iPod screen.

NOTE: When there are multiple photos on the iPod, by default most iPods have the Slideshow set to run and when a photo is selected the slide show for all photos on it will start. The Slideshow settings can adjust the time per slide. If that is set to manual the slideshow will not start up and the [SKIP FORWARD/SKIP BACKWARD] buttons on the remote will advance to the next/previous photo.

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