How do I play audio from my iPod using the Yamaha AV receiver and YDS-10 iPod dock station?

Last Update: 11/13/2010

  1. Place iPod in Yamaha YDS-10 iPod dock.
  2. Press V-AUX/DOCK button on AV receiver’s remote control. (this will change the receiver to the iPod dock input)
  3. Move slide selector switch on right side remote control to [SOURCE]. (This will set the receiver to operate the iPod).
  4. Press [DISPLAY] button on remote control to display iPod menu on TV. (The Yamaha logo will appear on the iPod screen and the iPod menu should appear on the TV screen as well)
  5. With the menu displayed on TV screen, the iPod can be controlled using the [Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow] buttons as well as the [Enter] button. Example: Arrow down to selected Songs and press [Enter] on the remote control. Select a song and press [Enter] on the remote control to begin the selection.

NOTE: The iPod menu can be displayed and controlled through the TV screen or on the iPod screen by toggling the [DISPLAY] button on the A/V receiver remote control.

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