Setting a Background Video Source for the FM/AM Tuner

Last Update: 03/29/2012

As an example we are associating the Cable Box connected to HDMI 2 to output video when the FM/AM Tuner is selected. 


1.     Set the FM/AM tuner to desired station.


fm 95.jpg


2.     Press the Option button on the Yamaha Remote.


option button.jpg


3.     The receiver will display Option/Volume Trim.


tuner option vol trim.jpg


4.     Use the Arrow Down button on the remote to select Video Out.


tuner option video out.jpg


5.     Press the Enter button on the remote.


enter button 1.jpg


6.    Tuner/Video……OFF will display on the receiver.


tuner video off.jpg


7.    Use the Right Arrow button on the remote to select the desired video input.  HDMI2 for example.




tuner video hdmi2.jpg


8.    Press the Option button on the remote to exit.


option button.jpg


9.    Now when the Tuner Input is selected on the receiver it will display the selected video signal. 

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