HTR-6230 Setting Speaker Impedance

Last Update: 07/28/2016

Setting Speaker Impedance

Note: This procedure will be front panel.

1.  Make sure the unit is in Standby mode.  If its on, press the Standby/ON
     button to put the unti in Standby mode.  
2.  Press and hold down the Tone Control button.  
3.  While holding the Tone Control button down, press the Standby/ON button.
4.  When the unit powers up you should see Advanced Setup(For a brief second.)
     and then it will come up to  SP IMP.  8 Ohms(Default setting.) or 6 Ohms depending 
     on what the receiver was set to.  
5.  Press the Straight button to toggle to the desired setting(6 or 8 Ohms).   
6.  Hit the Standby/ON button to put the unit in Standby mode and upon power up
     the Impendance settings will take effect.   

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