How do I connect my PC to my HDMI receiver?

Last Update: 05/12/2011

The best way to connect a PC to the receiver would be with HDMI - only if your PC has an HDMI output of course.  Other than that - if you are just trying to get the audio from the PC to play through the receiver - you can just run the audio output of the laptop to an audio input on the receiver.  Often times this requires a mini (headphone size) jack that goes into the PC to RCA (red and white) that goes to the receiver. You can use any available audio input on the receiver.

***If using HDMI from PC, verify that the HDMI output supports both audio and video.  If you are unable to successfully connect your PC via HDMI, the HDMI output may not be enabled and/or may require a firmware update.  Call the PC manufacturer for assistance and current firmware if available.*** 

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