How do I increase the volume of my main speakers, in the speaker test mode ?

Last Update: 05/18/2012

While running the speaker test tone to balance your speakers, you cannot adjust the balance of the Main speakers independently. The speaker test allows you to balance the sound (dB) levels of the Center speaker, Rear Left, Rear Right speakers to match the level of the main speakers. So, the first thing you do is press the [TEST] button on the remote. Next, adjust the [MASTER VOLUME CONTROL] until you can adequately hear the level from the main left and right speakers. Then, as the tone travels clockwise to each speaker, listen carefully from your main seating position in the room to determine which speakers (if any) need to be adjusted in level (either up or down) in order to balanced the sound to the main speakers output. Then adjust the Center, Rear Left or Rear Right speakers accordingly until the proper balance of level is attained. If you would like to change the level between the mains, you can use the [BALANCE CONTROL] either located on the front panel of the receiver or in the Set-Menu. A common challenge people have is that they try to adjust the main speakers to match the center or rear levels. If your center speaker is louder than your mains, You cannot adjust the main level up, you need to adjust the center speaker level down. All speakers need to be adjusted to match the main level.

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