RX-V2065 Zone 2 & 3 Setup

Last Update: 05/16/2012

Zone 2/3 Setup for the RX-V2065

Note: The RX-V2065 remote control will be needed and a TV connected to from the monitor output of the RX-V2065.


1.  Press the On Screen button on the remote control to enter the On Screen menu.

2.  Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to navigate to Speaker Setup and press the Enter button.

3.  Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to navigate to Manual Setup and press the Enter button.

4.  Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to navigate to Speaker Configuration and press the Enter button.

5.  Use the Arrow buttons under Extra Speaker Assignment select Zone2 or Zone2 + Zone 3.

·         Zone2 Assigns the SP1 terminals for Zone2 speakers and disables the SP2 terminals.

·         Zone2 + Zone 3 Assigns the SP1 speaker terminals for Zone 2 speakers and the SP2 speaker terminals for Zone 3 speakers.


Note: If the Extra Speaker option is not listed check and make sure that you do not have Bi-Amp enabled in the Advanced Setup Menu.

6.  Connect your speakers to the EXTRA SP1 ZONE2/PRESENCE and SP2 ZONE3 speaker terminals.(If needed.)


Controlling Zone 2/3

Zone 2 can be controlled using:

·         The front panel of the unit by first hitting the Zone 2/3 power button and then press the Zone Control button. As long as the Zone 2/3 light is flashing, you can use the front panel buttons to control Zone 2/3.

·         The receiver remoter control. Use the switch in the upper left hand corner of the remote and switch it to Zone 2/3. The remote will not exclusively operate the Zone 2/3 functions of the receiver. When you’re finished, simply switch it back to Main.



Important safety notice

The EXTRA SP terminals of this unit should not be connected to a Passive Loudspeaker Selector Box or more than one loudspeaker per channel. Connection to a Passive Loudspeaker Selector Box or multiple speakers per channel could create an abnormally low impedance load resulting in amplifier damage. See this owner’s manual for correct usage. Compliance with minimum speaker impedance information for all channels must be maintained at all times. This information is found on the back panel of your unit.


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