RX-V375 Universal/Cable/Satellite remote programming information

Last Update: 04/17/2013

When programming an aftermarket universal (Cable/Satellite/TV/etc)
type remote control to work with your Yamaha product.  Please
see the documentation for that remote control regarding the
Yamaha codes.  

Yamaha cannot provide codes for other manufactures remotes.  
When the remote manufacturer created that remote, they
programmed in all of the individual code commands for each
button and assign them a number/code.  Manufacturers of the
actual devices (such as Yamaha) do not control what numbers
these remote manufacturers assign to use for our products.

FYI:  Most universal remotes are not re-programmable, meaning
that their internal code libraries cannot be updated. The list
that is published in the owner's manual for your remote is
probably the only codes available for your particular remote.

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