Assigning a Audio input to a HDMI input on the RX-V667/RX-V867

Last Update: 03/29/2011

Assigning a audio input to a HDMI input on the RX-V667/RX-V867

In order to assign an audio input to a HDMI input, the remote and the receiver connected t o a TV/Projector/Monitor will be needed. 

For example we will be using HDMI 4 & Audio 2 inputs

1.     Press the On Screen button on the remote control.

2.     This should bring up the On Screen Display from the receiver to your TV/Projector/Monitor.

3.     Use the Arrow Up/Down buttons to select Input and press the Enter button.

4.     Use the Arrow Left/Right buttons to select HDMI 4.

5.     Press the Arrow Up button to bring up the HDMI 4 input menu.

6.     Press the Arrow Down button to select Audio In

7.     Use the Arrow Up/Down buttons to select Audio 2

8.     The Audio 2 will now be associated with that HDMI 4 input.

Now when HDMI 4 is selected the receiver will look to Audio 2 for audio signals.

Note:  You can select any of the audio input options listed for a HDMI


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