CX-A5000 Compared to CX-A5100

Last Update: 05/04/2016

The CX-A5100 has the following differences/advantages over the CX-A5000

1. HDCP 2.2 Input/Output.
2. Dolby Atmos.
3. DTS X(Firmware due out in 12/2015)
4. Built in WiFi.
5. Bluetooth for wireless music streaming & transmission.(SBC/AAC)
6. MusicCast Features App support.
7. 64 bit YPAO
8. Apple Lossless audio playback.
9. Gapless playback compatibility allows play without interruption.
10. Enhanced Extra Bass enriches the powerful bass sound even with small speakers
11. DSD 2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz audio playback
12. Zone 3 D/A converter for Optical/Coxial sources.
13. Zone 2 Main Zone Sync input.(Listen to the sound from the main zone by selecting it as an input.) 8. Zone 2 Audio Delay settings
14. Zone 2 & 3 Compressed Music Enhancer
15. Ability to over lay Cinema DSP modes over Dolby Atmos & DTS-X
16. Updated HD GUI.
17. 2 XLR Subwoofer Outputs.

2 Remote In/Outs. CX-A5100 has 1.
4 Component Video Inputs. CX-A5100 has 3.

YPAO-R.S.C Sound Optimization with High Precision 64-bit EQ Calculation 3d and Speaker Angle Measurement.
YPAO-R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control)Sound Optimization with Speaker Angle Measurement

iPod Support
HD Radio
Marco Programming on the remote

Standby Power Consumption
HDMI Control off, Standby Through off 0.1 W
HDMI Control on, Standby Through on 1.5 W
Network Standby on 2.1 W (wired)
HDMI Control Off, Standby Through Off 0.3 W (typical)
HDMI Control On, Standby Through On 5.0 W (typical)
Network Standby On 2.2 W (typical)

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