RX-A1010 Zone 2 Setup using the Extra Speaker terminals

Last Update: 06/28/2013

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Setting up the receiver to power a pair of speakers in Zone 2 using the Extra Speaker terminals

Note: You will need to have the receiver remote and the receiver connected to the TV/Monitor for On Screen Display.

1. Press the On Screen button.


2. Use the Arrow Up/Down buttons to select the Setup option.


3. Press the Enter Button to enter the Setup Menu (If it does not show Speaker, you will have to arrow to the right until it comes up).


4. Arrow Down to Manual Setup and press Enter to enter Manual Setup.



5. Arrow Down to Power Amp Assign and press Enter.


6. Arrow Down to 7ch +1Zone and press Enter, the gold check should appear next to 7ch +1Zone.



7. Press the On Screen button to exite the menu.

Using Zone 2:

Zone 2 will only output analog audio signals.

To control Zone 2, you can use the remote or front panel of the receiver.

To use the remote, set the remote Main/Zone 2 switch to the right.

To use the front panel for Zone control

Press Zone 2 to power Zone 2 On/Off.

Press Zone Control to enable Zone 2 control on the front of the receiver.(The Zone 2 light will blink when in Zone 2 mode.)





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