RX-A710/RX-A810 Advanced Setup Menu

Last Update: 06/06/2012

RX-A710/RX-A810 Advanced Setup Menu


Note: This procedure will be done on the front panel.


1.    Set the unit to Standby Mode using the Power button. (Upper left side/corner.)

2.    While holding down Straight button, hit the Power button. Keep holding down the Straight button until you see Advanced Setup flash on the front screen or SP IMP.

3.    Use the Program Selector buttons to navigate the Advanced setup menu items and the Straight button to make selections. See below for options.


·        SP IMP (Choices: 6 ohm or 8 ohm) Selects the impedance output of this unit according to the connected speakers.

·        REMOTE ID (Choices: ID1 or ID2) Sets the remote ID options when more than one Yamaha receiver is being used.

·        SR LOCK Resets the Parental Lock code number for Sirius Satellite Radio.

·        TV FORMAT (Choices: NTSC or Pal) Selects TV format of your region. If you are in the USA this should be left at the default NTSC.

·        MON.CHK Removes limitation on the HDMI video output.

·        INIT (Choices: All or Cancel) Restores the unit to factory default settings.

·        UPDATE Updates firmware of the unit via USB.

·        VERSION Displays current firmware version of the unit. (Can take a minute to display.


4.    When the proper selection is made, turn off the unit using the Power button. The settings will be reflected the next time the unit is powered on.


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