RX-A720/RX-A820 Bookmarking Your Favorite Internet Radio Stations

Last Update: 08/11/2012

You can register your favorite internet radio stations to the "Bookmarks" folder by accessing the following website with the web browser on your PC. 


Obtaining the vTuner ID(MAC Address)

Note: The Yamaha receiver remote will be needed for this procedure and the HDMI Monitor Out from the receiver to the TV.

1.  Press the On Screen button on the remote.

2.  Use the Arrow Up/Down buttons to move to the Information option and press the Enter Button.

3.  Use the Arrow Left/Right buttons to move to the Network option and press the Enter Button.

4.  The Network Information menu will now display on the TV.

5.  The vTuner ID(MAC Address) is listed towards the bottom of that menu, right below the DNS Server (s) option.

This is an example of the vTuner ID Login and Creat Account login screens.

When you type in: http://yradio.vtuner.com


After you enter in your vTuner ID you will get this screen:

After you click on the Creat Account Login, this screen will come up:

After you create your login you will see this screen:



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