I’m trying to program my DirecTV remote control into my YAS-101, but it doesn’t seem to learn the commands correctly. What can I do?

Last Update: 02/11/2012

DirecTV programmable remote controls seem to emit a “DirecTV Specific” remote command code before emitting programmed TV Volume Up/Down (as we can see the because the LED light under DirecTV logo on the top of the remote always lit prior to “TV” LED when emitting TV volume Up/Down).

To workaround this, we could suggest the following:

Use your TV remote to learn the Volume Up/Down and Power On/Off on YAS-101.

Then program the TV mode of your DirecTV remote for TV operation.  Follow the DirecTV instructions for using your DirecTV remote to control TV function. 

Now you should be able to use you DirecTV remote to control the volume and power. 

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