Settings and connections for external MIDI Control

Last Update: 07/11/2008

This application involves connecting a PSR keyboard to MIDI Master Keyboard such as a Clavinova series Digital Piano, an S90 Digital Synthesizer, or any suitable electronic keyboard, synthesizer or digital piano. The idea is that the MIDI Master Keyboard will control the sounds and accompaniment rhythms of the PSR keyboard so that the two keyboards can compliment one another in a performance. In essence, this may be considered an upgrade for a MIDI Keyboard that has limited voices and no automatic accompaniment.

NOTE: For the purposes of our application, the MIDI Master Keyboard must have these features:

  1. MIDI Out Jack
  2. Aux In Jacks (Optional: This feature is only necessary if the sound signal from the PSR will be played out of the MIDI Keyboard's sound system. Otherwise the sound will be played out of the PSRs own speaker system but will compliment the sound of the MIDI Keyboard.)

NOTE: The PSR Keyboard must have the following feature:

  1. The ability set a Remote Channel. See the PSR's Owner's Manual under "MIDI" or "MIDI Receive" for details on the Remote Channel setting. Sometimes the "Remote Channel" setting is also called the "Keyboard" setting in the MIDI Receive Channel functions.

The following is a procedure for connecting and setting up the two products to work together.
  1. Connect the MIDI OUT of the MIDI Keyboard to the MIDI IN of the PSR. These are standard MIDI connections. (See Diagram 1-1)
  2. Connect the AUX OUT of the PSR to the AUX IN of the MIDI Keyboard. These are audio connections. The types of cables and plugs will vary depending on the PSR and the other MIDI Keyboard. (See Diagram 1-1)
  3. Set the PSR Remote Channel setting the same as the transmit channel of the MIDI Keyboard. (Ex. If the MIDI Keyboard is transmitting on Channel 1, set the Remote Channel setting of the PSR to Channel 1)

Setting the Remote Channel on the PSR:

The Remote Channel setting sets up the PSR so that it accepts the incoming MIDI data on the Remote Channel as if it were played right on the PSR itself. Essentially, playing the MIDI keyboard will operate the PSR the same as playing the PSR keyboard. However, all settings for playing the PSR keyboard will still have to be done on the PSR control panel. All playing can be done from the MIDI keyboard.

After the settings and connections are made, the PSR voices and accompaniment rhythms should be heard through the MIDI Keyboard speakers. Also, playing the MIDI keyboard should control the voices and accompaniment rhythms of the PSR.

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