RX-V1400 Turning off Zone 2 & 3 Lights on the front panel.

Last Update: 06/06/2014

To turn off the Zone 2 & 3 lights on the display of the RX-V1400 you will need to enable
control of Zones 2 & 3 on the RX-V1400 remote.  Please follow the instructions below.

Setting up Zone 2 on the RX-V1400 remote

          1.  Press the DVD input selector on the RX-V1400 remote.
          2.  Press and hold the Learn button down gently using a paper clip for 3 seconds.  
              You should see DVD and Setup blink alternatively on the remote LCD screen.
          3.  Press the Arrow to the right button until you see L: AMP in the remote LCD window.
          4.  Press the Up arrow button until you see Zone in the remote LCD window.
          5.  Press the Learn button to complete Zone setup.

Controlling Zone 2

          1.  Press the Source Select Up arrow button until the Zone of choice appears
               in the remote LCD window.
         2.  Press the Standby button to power off your selected Zone.

Now the lights will stay off unless the unit is unplugged from power. 
Then you will have to repeat the process.

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