HTR-6130 Re-Assigning the CD Optical input to DVD for DVD/Blu-ray hookup

Last Update: 04/17/2013

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If you want to hookup a DVD/Blu-ray HDMI player, you will need to assign the CD optical output to the DVD HDMI input. (The receiver does not decode HDMI audio.) 

Reassigning the optical input on the RX-V363/HTR-6130

This will be performed using the  remote
and viewing the front LED panel on the RX-V363/HTR-6130.
We will be using DVD for this example but the
optical input can be changed to CD, MD/CDR,DTV/CBL,
V-AUX and DVR.

1. Press the AMP button. (Located above the Scene 1 button.)
2. Press the MENU button. (Located to the left of the volume + button.)
3. Basic Menu will appear on the front LED panel of the receiver.
4. Use the Down Arrow button (Located between the Return & Display buttons.) to navigate to Manual Setup.
5. Press the Enter button (Located above the Arrow Down button.) to get into Manual Setup.
6. Use the Down Arrow button to navigate to 2 Input Menu.
7. Press the Enter Button to go into the Input Menu.
8. IN (1) DVD should appear on the LED panel of the receiver.
9. Use the Arrow button to the right (Located to the right of the Enter button.) to change from DVD to **V-AUX.
10. Use the Arrow Down button to get to IN (3) CD.
11. Use the Arrow button to the right to change from CD to DVD.
12. Press the Menu button to exit the Set Menu.

Now when the DVD button is pressed the receiver will associate the IN (1) optical input to DVD.

** Note: This must be changed because an input cannot be assigned to 2 digtial inputs at once.


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