Helpful command line commands for network troubleshooting.

Last Update: 12/23/2010

To discover a computer IP address type in ipconfig and hit enter. You should get something like this:
IP Address -
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway -
To Ping another device on your network from a Windows 98, 2000 or XP PC: Click on the Start Menu and Run. In the Run box type in CMD and the Command Line window will open up.
To Ping another device on a Windows 7, Go to the Start Menu and in the Search Box type in 'cmd' and press enter.

Type in the following: Ping (Receivers IP Address) for example: Ping Hit the enter button. If the receiver is on line then you will get a: Reply from (Receivers IP Address) If the receiver is not online or there is a network issue, you will get a: Request timed out message. 

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