RX-V661 Setup Zone 2 Speakers & Remote

Last Update: 06/27/2013

How do I setup Zone 2 on the RX-V661 Using the internal power amp.

Setting the RX-V661 remote control to operate Zone 2
1.   Using a ballpoint pen or similar object and press the Code set
     button.  The Transmit indicator on the remote should flash twice.
2.   Using the numerical key pad on the remote and key in 9992, the
     Transmit indicator should flash.

You will now need to assign the receivers internal amp for Zone 2.

1.   Set the remote control selector to AMP.
2.   Press the Set Menu Button.
3.   Arrow down to Manual Setup.
4.   Press the Enter button.
5.   Arrow to the Sound Menu option and press Enter.
6.   In the Sound Menu arrow to Speaker Set and press Enter.
7.   Arrow to the EXTRA SP ASSIGN and select ZONE2
8.   Press the Return button to exit out and return to the Manual

There is an option for setting the volume in the zone set:

Max Volume: This is an optional feature but is recommended to prevent
the accidental change in volume levels that could damage the speakers
and/or receiver.  

Initial Volume: This is also a great feature that would seamlessly
start the volume level for the second or third zone at the desired
level eliminating having to set up a special remote macro,as well
as wear & tear on the remote volume control.

1.   Arrow down to the Option Menu under Manual Setup and press Enter.
2.   Arrow down to ZONE 2 SET and press enter.
3.   Set the INI. (Initial) VOL.(Volume) from OFF to desired level.
4.   You can also set the MAX. (Maximum) VOL.(VOlume) to desired level.
5.   Press the return button and the SET MENU button to exit.

Controlling Zone 2 using the RX-V661 remote control

1.   If the Main Zone on the receiver is on, press the Power button down
     (If its off, press the Standby button.) and while holding that button
     down press the Phono/** button on the remote.The Transmit indicator
      will light up.  
2.   You will not be able to to use the following buttons on the remote:
     (Pressing any other button will cause the remote to exit Zone 2 mode.)
     Power, Standby, Volume, Mute and the input selector buttons.(DVD,CD, etc.)

1.   Inputs that are connected only with digital audio cables,(HDMI,Optical,
     Digital Coaxial and Multi Channel.) will not be output via Zone 2.

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