I have 5 (or more) speakers connected to my surround receiver, yet I don't hear any center channel sound. What am I doing wrong ?

Last Update: 04/02/2008

Once you have all the speakers connected to the receiver, we recommend that you run the speaker level/balance test. This is generally accessed using the [TEST] button found on your receiver's remote control. If you hear the test tone from all your speakers, it is possible that you have selected a mode that does not use the center channel. Most of the Music or Hi-Fi modes do not use a center channel for sound reproduction. All Cinema DSP or Movie modes do use a center channel. So if you still do not hear the center channel after running the speaker test, here are some things to check: Double check the speaker wire connections on the back of the receiver as well as on the back of the speaker. Make sure the connections are solid. Access the Speaker Set Menu and check the settings for the center channel speaker. If it says None or Phantom, then change it to Small or Normal. Make sure that the center level (volume) is turned up. Substitute the center channel speaker with a known good speaker from another part of your system. If, after following the above checks, there is still no center channel sound, please contact your local authorized dealer or your local authorized repair facility for further assistance.

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