What is the difference between A-Stock and Refurbished Yamaha Products?

Last Update: 08/28/2013

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What is the difference between A-Stock and Refurbished Yamaha products?

Yamaha products that are new are considered A-Stock which means that they have never been used and are factory fresh. A-Stock units have the full Yamaha manufacturer’s warranty as long as they are purchased from an Authorized Yamaha Dealer.

Refurbished Stock:
Yamaha Refurbished Stock items may have been opened and may have minor (if any) cosmetic damage.  Yamaha Refurbished Stock items have been inspected by Yamaha and, if necessary repaired or reconditioned by Yamaha.  Yamaha Refurbished Stock items will have a Refurbished Stock sticker placed over the serial number on the box and the product for easy identification.   Refurbished Stock units have Yamaha manufacturer’s warranty as listed below when purchased from an Authorized Yamaha Dealer

Warranty Term Duration from date of purchase by or for the Original Owner
Type of
AV Products:

AV Receiver models RX-Z1, RX-Z7, RX-Z9 and RX-Z11.………………… 2 years.

A/V and Stereo Receivers, Sound Bars, Processor and Integrated Amplifiers, Separate Amplifiers and Preamplifiers, Tuners, CD Players and Changers, HDD Players and Recorders, Network Players, Powered Loudspeakers, Media Controllers and Speaker Systems purchased individually, as a pair, or as part of an Integrated or Packaged System.………………… 1 year.

Cassette Decks, Blu-ray Disc Players, DVD Players and Changers, Integrated Systems (Receiver or Amplifier combined or on same chassis with CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc Player), Desktop Audio Systems (i.e. TSX and PDX Series), Multimedia Speakers, Headphones, Earphones and Accessories.…………………  6 months

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