Aux Jumper configuration options on an MC1602

Last Update: 12/29/2003

Each Input Channel is equipped with (3) Aux Sends which can be configured to meet various mixing and routing requirements. Aux Send configuration is achieved by the placement of wire jumpers on each Input circuit board.

There are two jumper location options on the circuit board which determine whether Pre-Fader Aux Sends are also Pre-EQ or Post-EQ. This jumper setting applies to ALL Aux Sends configured as Pre-Fader. It is NOT an option to configure each Pre-Fader Aux Send independently as Pre-EQ or Post-EQ.

The Pre-EQ Jumper is located next to IC102, running parallel with pins 4 and 8. The Post-EQ jumper location is adjacent to the Pan potentiometer.

Each Aux Send has two adjacent jumper locations on the circuit board, with one location actually filled with a wire jumper. These jumper location options are used to determine whether an Aux Send is Pre-Fader or Post-Fader.

The default configuration is:

PRE EQ ( Applies to Pre-Fader Aux sends only.)
AUX 1 - Pre-Fader
AUX 2 - Post-Fader
AUX 3 - Post-Fader

NOTE: It is imperative that ALL Input Channels are configured exactly the same or certain mixing console operations will not function properly.

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