Configuring the Talkback on an MC1602

Last Update: 12/29/2003

On an MC1602, the Talkback signal allows voice communication from the console operator to be routed to any of the 3 'Aux Sends' and/or the Stereo output.

NOTE: By default, 'Aux 1' is configured as a pre-fader, pre-EQ ''monitor'' send and 'Aux 2' & 'Aux 3' are post-fader sends, for effects loops, submixes, etc.
  1. Plug a microphone into the 'Talkback' mic XLR connector on the top right panel of the MC1602.
  2. Assign the Talkback by pressing the [AUX1], [AUX2], [AUX3], and/or [ST] buttons located above the Talkback mic XLR connector.

NOTE: Any combination of switches may be engaged (pressed down), to allow the Talkback signal to be routed to any or all of the aforementioned busses simultaneously.

  1. Press the Talkback [ON] button.
  2. Use the 'TB' Talkback level control knob to adjust the level of the Talkback signal sent to the selected busses.

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