Basic Live Sound Multiple Monitor Mix Setup

Last Update: 07/29/2011

The following procedure will provide four monitor mixes utilizing Aux1 thru Aux4. The mix will be output from the Omni out jacks and overall mix level will be controlled by Master fader operation

1) Press the [PAN/ROUTING] button until the Omni Out select page is accessed.

2) Cursor to the selection box under each Omni and rotate the [DATA] dial until Aux 1 thru 4 are selected and press the [ENTER] button after each selection.

3) Press an [AUX] button in the Fader Mode section and to set the fader levels to achieve the desired levels in the monitor mix.  While the AUX mode is selected the STEREO fader acts as the AUX master volume to set the overall level from the Omni Out.

4) Press the [HOME] button to return to normal function where the channel faders and the stereo fader control the Front of House (FOH) mix.

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