Emx5016 - Setting Eq by Pink Noise Measurement

Last Update: 04/22/2011


1)  Connect speakers to speaker outputs and put amplifier switch in  ST L+ R  position.

2)  All faders should be in minimum position   

3)  Connect a mic to input channel 1 and place mic in front of  speakers.

4)  Set channel Eq controls at 12 o’clock position, auxes and eff knobs at minimum position

5)  Depress PFL button on input channel used by mic and turn channel on with the fader down.

6)   Press the measure button for less than 2 secs to set it into quick flash mode.

7)   Raise the ST fader to put pink noise  into the speaker system.

8)   Turn up Gain control on input channel until 0 db on output meter is achieved.

9)   Raise channel fader to 0 position.

10) When Reading is stabilized on Eq leds, press the measure button to turn off the pink noise and leave the Eq leds flashing

11) Turn off input channel on button and pull down fader to minimum.

12)  Press and hold measure button longer that 2 seconds to adjust and correct the Eq. The Eq leds will look like a mirror image of the measured led positions.

13)  To save for recall later press and hold one of the user memory buttons for recall at a later time.

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