EMX212, EMX312, EMX512 FCL (Feedback Channel Locating) lamp

Last Update: 11/13/2010

EMX212, EMX312, EMX512FCL (Feedback Channel Locating) lamp

On the EMX series powered mixers with the feedback locatingLED (FCL lamp), the function of this LED is to identify any channel with constant signal input. The LED will illuminate if feedback is present on that channel, but it will also illuminateat the presence of any other continuous signal. It is also normal for the LED to flicker during normal use (no feedback).

In the case of high level CD player input, the FCL lamp will stay on constantly. If feedback or howling is present then the channel that needs to be adjusted will have this LED lit.

Note: Adjust the channel level or themic position until the LED goes out and the feedback stops.

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