Bridging P2500S, P3500S, P5000S, and P7000S Series Power Amps

Last Update: 06/03/2011

Bridging P Series Power Amps


1. Set the [MODE] switch to bridge position.


2. Connect a minimum 8 ohm load to the center binding posts using bare wires or banana plugs.


3. Connect output from the audio source into the input to the "A" side of the input jacks.  The "B" side of the input jacks do not function in bridge mode.


NOTE: The minimum speaker load for maximum stability is 8 Ohms when bridged.  Although other Ohms ratings are given this information is for reference only.  This is especially important when powering subwoofers as this is a very demanding application.  If two 8 Ohm subwoofers are required, it is suggested to run the amp in Stereo mode and connect one speaker to each side of the amp rather than run bridged across a 4 Ohm load.


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