Calculating the Equivalent Delay Time of a Note via Beats Per Minute of a Sequence

Last Update: 12/23/2003

The basic formula for calculating Delay Times for Notes at a given Beats Per Minute (BPM) Tempo is:

Whole Note Fraction X 240,000
------------------------------------------- = Delay Time (in ms)
EXAMPLE: Determining the Delay Time for an 1/8 Note at 100 BPM:

  1. First divide '1' by '8' to get the Whole Note Fraction value. The result is 0.125.
  2. Multiply 0.125 and 240,000. The result is 30,000.
  3. Finally, divide 30,000 by 100 (BPM). The result is 300, which gives you a 300ms Delay Time value.

If you prefer, try the Delay Time / BPM

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