Saving edited Effect Programs on an SPX90/SPX90II

Last Update: 02/05/2004

Once Effect editing is complete:
  1. Press the Memory Up Button and Down Button buttons to select a clear User Memory location (from 31-90) where the new program is to be stored. The new program number will be blinking at this point.
    NOTE: If the edited Effect Program is located in a User Memory location, then the edits can be stored over the currently selected Effect Program.
  2. Press the [STORE] button to complete the "Save" process. The display will stop blinking.
    NOTE: If you attempt to store a program in one of the read-only program locations (1-30) the SPX90/SPX90II will display the "#1~#30 READ ONLY" Error message.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p.6

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