Assign Control Changes (and other functions) To the Slide Faders

Last Update: 06/20/2014

Assign CC To Faders (Motif XF)


1. Press [Master] button

2. Select desired Master you want to create (Bank A/ Button1 as your first 'Master' for example)

3. Press [Edit] button

4. Press [Common Edit] button

5. Press [F1] 'Name' (If you want to name your Master)

6. Press [SF6] 'Characters'

7. When finished naming, press [Enter] to confirm the name

8. Press [F2] 'Other'

9. Set 'Zone Switch' On

10. Press one of the 'Part Select' [1]-[4] buttons   

Note: *If using a Voice in the Master, use Zone1

11. Press [F1]'Transmit' button

12. Set 'Ext Switch' and 'Int Switch' On

13. Press [F3] 'Tx Switch' button

14. Press [SF2] 'Control' button

15. Makes sure each desired zone's 'Slider' box is checked

16. Press [F5] 'Knob Slider'

17. Set the 'Control Slider' function/CC# (Volume, etc) for each zone.

18. Press [Store] button

19. Select where you want this edited Master to be stored/saved

20. Press [Enter] button to execute the store.

21. Press [Inc/Yes] button to confirm

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