KX25, KX49, KX61, KX8 - Remote Basic Setup for Logic Pro

Last Update: 09/01/2011

This procedure will require that the KX series controller be connected to your Mac computer via USB and that the following steps have been taken:

1) Ensure that the compatible USB MIDI driver is installed

2) Access the KX Utility Menu and assign the KX’s DAW Control option to “Logic Pro”

3) Ensure that the MIDI Select option within the KX Utility Menu is set to “USB”

Steps to take within Logic:

1) Access the Controller Setup Menu. Logic Pro>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup...


2) Install a new controller. New>Install


3) Select “Mackie Designs, Logic Control”


4) Assign “Yamaha KX Port 2” for the MIDI “Out Port” and “Input”


Additional functions can be assigned to the KX by using Logic’s Controller Assignment Menu. To access this menu take the following steps:

a)  Access the Controller Assignments Menu. Logic pro>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Controller Assignments

b) Assign additional functions to the KX assignable buttons. Pressing a button on the KX will select its assignment within the Controller Assignments Menu.

For additional information and procedures related to Logic, refer to you Logic Owner’s Manual or contact Logic Technical Support.

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