'Special Edition' DX7 MIDI/Sys Ex Receive

Last Update: 06/18/2014

NOTE: The Special Edition DX7 uses the same steps as the original DX7, but with the added steps found under section B.


1. Press the [FUNCTION] button (TAN button, left side of DX).

2. Press the [#8] button until 'SYS INFO UNAVAIL' is displayed.

3. Press the [YES/+1] button until 'SYS INFO AVAIL' is displayed.

4. In the 'Memory Protect' section, press the 'INTERNAL' [X] button until 'MEMORY PROTECT ON' is displayed.

5. Press the [NO/-1] button until 'MEMORY PROTECT OFF' is displayed.


1. Press the [Function] button again.

2. Press the Memory Switch [#12] button.

3. The display will indicate either: Function Control MIDI OMNI: On/Off or MIDI Recv Ch: **.

4. Make sure that the Recv Ch matches the Transmit channel of the sending device.

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