Custom Audio Backing Tracks for Rehearsal or Live Performance

Last Update: 01/12/2017

Custom Audio Backing Tracks for Rehearsal or Live Performance

Custom Audio Backing Tracks are a new type of media Yamaha is producing for the world via which allows users to create their own mix of their favorite hit song and download it as an MP3 file for use with an MP3 player, laptop, Digital Audio Workstation, or with Yamaha instruments. Each song gives users control over the volume of each channel, making it ideal for solo performers, duos, or singers that need high quality audio tracks to back them up. Users learning to play a song can make a mix with that instrument muted and play along, or make a mix that isolates their instrument and use it as the ultimate reference track. Singers looking for a backing track to practice along with can make a mix with the vocal muted and sing along.

Check out our growing selection of Custom Audio Backing Tra
cks at

The virtual mixer that allows customers to either Edit a Demo Mix before a purchase or Mix Now after a purchase is only accessible via the Google Chrome browser at this time. If using a different browser, Chrome can be downloaded at

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