UX16 USB MIDI - Connecting Interface to a Windows Computer

Last Update: 12/23/2010

A quick check list for determining whether a UX16 is correctly connected to the computer.

1. The light on the UX16should be green.

2. In the windows control panel double click the USB/MIDI icon.

A.A dialog box should open to show the In/Out and Thru grids.

B. Ifnot,thePC doesnt see the UX16 connection. If this is the case, try other physical USB ports in thePC until windows sees the UX16 and wants to install it.

C.Follow the install wizard prompts until finished,andthe PC should connect to the device. The light should go green and the icon in control panel should open.

3. If still the device wont connect:

A. Ensure that the connection is not going through aUSB hub but is directly connected.

B. Make sure you dont have too many other USB devices on the PC. Disconnect or disable any that arenot currently being used or are not currently necessary.

C. Devices can sometimes auto assign to aport, not allowing otherUSB devices to share it.

D. Verify theUSB cable is good.USB cables rarely go bad but it does happen.

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