Installing ASIO4All USB ASIO Driver in a Windows PC

Last Update: 07/26/2011

1) Download driver file from here:

2) Install the driver using the supplied .EXE file.

3) Open Cubase and click on 'DEVICES' and then 'DEVICE SETUP' from the dropdown menu.

4) Click on 'VST AUDIO SYSTEM'.

5) Click the dropdown arrow next to the ASIO Driver selection box and select 'asio4all v2' from the popup list.

6) Click on 'CONTROL PANEL' to see all the WDM devices.

8) Turn off the internal sound card and select 'USB AUDIO CODEC'  by clicking on the soft buttons.

9) Click on the wrench icon in lower right corner.

NOTE: Now the USB Audio Codec will have a + sign.

10) Click on the '+' sign and verify the 2x inputs and 2x outputs have the little square and triangullar blue icons next to both of them.

11) Leave the 'DEVICE SETUP'.

12) Reselect device then click on 'VST CONNECTION'.

13) Verify that the audio device on the Inputs AND Outputs is the asio4all and that the ports are Audio Codec 1 and Audio Codec 2

NOTE: You may have to reboot Cubase to get it to accept the driver and release the internal soundcard.

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