AudioGram - Downloading and Installing Yamaha USB Audio Driver for Windows XP

Last Update: 10/09/2010

Downloading the USB Audio driver:

1) Go to

2) Click on DOWNLOAD.


4) In Category column select INTERFACES.

5) In Model column select 'AUDIOGRAM'.

6) In software column select 'DRIVER'.

7) Cursor to 'SEARCH' and press the Enter key.

8) Scroll down to the files that are found and double click on File to be downloaded.

9) Click on DOWNLOAD icon and license agreement page will appear.

10) Cursor to the I AGREE icon and press the Enter key.

11) When the dialog box appears, select 'SAVE' and press the Enter key.

12) A "SAVE AS" dialog box will appear.  Select Desktop as the destination for the driver file and press the Enter key.

13) After the download is complete click on 'OPEN'.


Installing the USB Audio driver:

1) Click on the new zippered folder that is now on the desktop

2) Cursor to EXTRACT ALL FILES and press the Enter key.

3) The Extraction Wizard will open - click on 'NEXT' to unzip the files. This will happen twice.

4) When the Extraction Wizard finishes, click on 'FINISH'.

5) A new folder "ua101" will now appear on the desktop. Plug in the Audiogram via USB cable to any available USP port on the computer.

NOTE: Avoid the use of USB hubs for this device.

6) Click on the "ua101" folder to open it and double-click the installation PDF readme file . After reading this document, double click the SETUP file which should be a gray icon with triangles. Click on 'RUN'.

NOTE: If the setup appears as a white box with a blue stripe on top edge it is still zipped and will not run . Repeat the unzipping process.

7) The Install Wizard will open, click on 'NEXT' . (This will occur twice)
8) The Windows Hardware Installation Warning dialog box will appear, click on 'CONTINUE ANYWAY'.

9) The installation will begin , when it is complete, click on 'FINISH'.

10) In the software using this driver and device the correct selection will be 'YAMAHA USB AUDIO DRIVER' in its hardware setup.

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