Is software monitoring supported?

Last Update: 09/30/2010

Monitoring thru the software  is possible if you use a DAW that has a software monitoring function. This can be useful for checking effects or EQ applied to the sources being recorded in real time.

* Since the thru signal from the DAW is returned to 2TR IN/USB, you can use the control to adjust the level as required.for monitoring
* When using software monitoring with the MW12CX/MW12C turn the REC switch ON, the ST switch OFF, and raise the REC OUT fader. Set MONITOR PHONE to STEREO, and set 2TR IN/USB switch to TO MONITOR.
* When using software monitoring with the MW10C/MW8CX set the 2TR IN/USB switch to TO MONITOR, and set the STEREO master fader level to 0.
* In Cubase AI 4 enable input monitoring  for each audio track.

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