How to monitor input channels

Last Update: 09/30/2010

1. Make sure the [INPUT SELECT] button is set to A.IN.

2. Adjust the input gain while watching the input meter above the channel fader and playing the connected instrument or applying a signal to the connected microphone.

3. Make sure that the STEREO [ON] button in the master section is lit, and set the STEREO fader to the 0 (0 dB) position.

4. Make sure that input channel [ON:] button is lit.

5. Turn the [ST] button next to the input channel fader ON.

6. Set the CONTROL ROOM C-R SOURCE SELECT button to ST (to monitor the STEREO bus signal).

7. Adjust the volume using the input channel fader.

8. Adjust the monitor level as required by using either the CONTROL ROOM LEVEL (C-R OUT) or C-R PHONES (headphones) control.

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