Does the MW12CX/MW12C/MW10C/MW8CX have a trackdown function?

Last Update: 09/30/2010

There is no specific trackdown function to mix the individual tracks in Cubase, Cubase AI 4 software allows internal mixdown within the DAW

If you set the 2TR IN/USB switch to TO ST when recording with the MW10C/MW8CX, the mixed signal received from the DAW can be sent back to the DAW via the mixer to record on a addition stereo track . Within Cubase the file export function will directly save the stereo mixdown to a folder for CD burning or MP# comtressing for email.
* Other signals input via the MW10C/MW8CX will be added to the recording: if you don't want this to occur you can simply set the channel input faders to minimum.

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