N12,N8, Mixing Software Tracks in The N Mixer

Last Update: 03/02/2013

N12,N8, Mixing Software Tracks in The N Mixer

1) Route the output of each software track to be mixed to its asio output. For example asio 1 is the daw input to channel 1 on the mixer.

2) Prepare a new empty stereo mixdown track within the software and assign its asio inputs to the REC OUT  buss of the mixer . This is asio 9/10 of the N8 and asio 13/14 of the N12 . Put the track in input monitoring mode to check incoming levels.

3) On each channel of the mixer to be used, push the [INPUT SELECT]  button to select  DAW input.

4) Next to the fader on each mixer channel push down the [REC]  to assign the  channels output to the rec out buss

5) If N effects are also desired , turn up each  channels effect send  and also  turn up the TO REC  control in the effect return area  to put the effects return into the effects buss to be recorded along with the dry signal.

6) Put the software stereo track into record ready and after the mix adjustments are achieved , press the record button in software.  Thiswill send the raw tracks to the N mixer input channels for mixing , effecting and combining into a stereo mix in the REC OUT buss which will return back to the software to be recorded on the stereo track .

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