How to Install the PLG100-VH in a MOTIF ES, S90 ES, MOTIF, or S90 and used as a Vocoder.

Last Update: 10/08/2010

The setup required to use the PLG100-VH plug-in effect function in the MOTIF ES performance mode is described below (the same setup procedure applies to the S90 ES, MOTIF, and S90).

" Preparation

1. Install the PLG100-VH in the instruments rear-panel plug-in board slot 1.

2. Press [UTILITY] > [F2]:I/O > [SF1]:INPUT and set the Mic/Line item to Mic.

3. Connect a dynamic microphone to the [l] A/D INPUT connector on the instruments rear panel, and set an appropriate microphone input level via the GAIN control.

" Performance Edit Procedure

1. From the Performance Play mode press [JOB] > [F1]:INIT, then press [ENTER] > [INC/YES] to execute the initialize operation.

2. Press [EDIT] > [COMMON] > [F6]:EFFECT > [SF1]:CONNECT to go to the effect connect display.

3. Position the cursor at the EF PART item in the display, and select PartAD.

4. In the same display move the cursor to the PLG-EF item and set the plug-in effect type to VOCODER HM.
* The plug-in effect parameters can be accessed from the effect connect display by pressing the [SF3]:PLG-EF button (refer to ).

5. Press the NUMBER [1] button to go to the part edit display.

6. Press [F2]:OUTPUT > [SF1]:VOL/PAN, and set the part 1 Volume item in the display to 0.

7. Execute the Store operation to save the edited performance to internal memory.

When the setup procedure described above has been completed, the plug-in effect should be applied to microphone input while you play on the instruments keyboard.

If you intend to edit the plug-in parameters, use the settings given below as a starting point.

" Mode = no trans
" H.GendrTyp = Auto
" L,GendrTyp = unis
" L.GendrDpr = -20
" PchCorrect = on
" UpperThrsh = 00
" LowerThrsh =00
" UpperG.Dpt= +06
" LowerG.Dpt = +14
" Lead/Harm = L18>H * A setting of L" Vib Depth = 020
" Vib Rate = 025
" Vib Delay = 033
(Refer to pages 17 ~ 21 of the PLG100-VH owners manual).

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