Setting up the AN Expert Editor. PLG150-an

Last Update: 10/08/2010

The following describes how a PLG150-AN installed in a MOTIF ES keyboard and connected to a Windows computer via USB can be set up (the same setup procedure applies to the S90 ES, MOTIF, and S90).

Note: AN Expert Editor (Windows XP/Me/98/2000) can be downloaded here.

MOTIF ES Settings: USB Connection

1. In the Utility mode press [F5]:MIDI > [SF4]:OTHER. Set the MIDI IN/OUT item in the display USB.

2. In the Voice mode select the plug-in board bank and press the [F2]:BANK button. Set the Bank item in the display to 036/002 (Board Custom Voice Bank). * Press [F1]:PLAY to return to the normal display.

AN Expert Editor Settings (Stand-alone Version)

1. Launch the AN Expert Editor.

2. Click the MIDI SETUP window button.

3. In the MIDI window select YAMAHA USB IN(OUT)0-1 for the MIDI input and output ports.
* If necessary (If the MOTIF EX is set to Local OFF, for example) Select Output and the same port for Thru.

4. Select AN Expert Editor Settings from the AN Expert Editor Settings menu, and set the MIDI input and output ports to YAMAHA USB IN(OUT)0-1.

5. If you want to bulk transmit the edited data to the PLG150-AN Board Custom Voice Bank after editing and storing the data using the AN Expert Editor, check the User Voice checkbox in the Transmit & Insert Settings tab. Also set the corresponding user voice number as required.

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