Describe the Basic AN Expert Editor Operating Procedure.PLG150-AN

Last Update: 10/08/2010

Once the settings described in Q1, above, have been made, the basic editing procedure using the AN Expert Editor is as follows.

1. Select AN Voice List from the AN Expert Editor Edit menu, and select the voice you want to edit from the list that appears.
* To start with a completely initialized voice, select a voice in the User bank and click the [VOICE INIT] button.

2. Use the AN Expert Editor to edit the PLG150-AN voice as required.

3. When the voice is finished, click the AN Expert Editor [STORE] button.

4. The AN Store dialog window will appear.
" Select the destination voice number in the voice list.
" Enter a voice name, if necessary.
" Click the [STORE] button.

5. Click the AN Bulk Data Transmit button to send the voice data to the PLG150-AN.

* The data will be transmitted according to the settings made in step 5 of Q1, above.
In the Q1 example, the data for user voices No. 1 ~ 3 shown in the AN Voice List User bank and AN Store dialog window are transmitted to the Board Custom Bank.

* The new PLG150-AN voice name will not appear on the MOTIF ES display while it is being edited using the VL Visual Editor or immediately after it has been transmitted as bulk data to the custom bank. After bulk transmission to the Board Custom Bank, the voice must be re-selected via the MOTIF ES before the new name will appear.

6. User voices created using the AN Expert Editor can be saved as voice files from the File menu.

* The PLG150-AN Board Custom Bank is initialized every time the MOTIF ES power is turned off.
Each time the power is turned on original voices will either have to be reloaded via bulk transmission from the AN Expert Editor, or by using the MOTIF ES PlginAllBulk file operation (refer to File Types on page 269 of the MOTIF ES owners manual).

* The AN Expert Editor manual can be viewed via the AN Expert Editor Help menu.

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