Can AN1x Voice Data be Played by a PLG150-AN?

Last Update: 10/08/2010

If the PLG150-AN is installed in a MOTIF ES, AN1x voice data can be loaded via bulk reception and played as board custom voices (the same procedure applies to the S90 ES, MOTIF, and S90).

Note: Some AN1x parameters cannot be reproduced by the PLG150-AN, The following two methods can be used.

MOTIF ES Settings :

1. Press the [UTILITY] button to go to the Utility mode.

2. Press [F5];MIDI > [SF4]:OTHER and set the MIDI IN/OUT item in the display to MIDI.

3. Next, press the [SF1]:CH button and set the DeviceNo. item in the display to a setting other than off.
* System exclusive messages that include bulk data cannot be transmitted or received when the Device Number is set to off.

4. Press the [VOICE] button to go to the Voice mode, and select the plug-in board bank.

5. Press the [F2]:BANK button and set the bank to 036/002 (Board Custom Voice Bank).

6. Press the [F1];PLAY button to return to the Voice Play mode.

Bulk Transmission from the AN1x
(Refer to page 82 of the AN1x owners manual.)

1. Use the rotary switch to select Utility Setup.

2. Use the BulkDump [^] [v] buttons to select the bulk dump execution display.

3. Next press the BulkDump [^] [v] buttons as many times as necessary to select 1voice, all voice, or all ptn.

4. Press the [YES/ENTER] button to begin bulk transmission of the selected data via MIDI OUT.

The AN1x must be connected to the computer via a MIDI interface.

1. Launch the AN Expert Editor.

2. Make the necessary MIDI input and output port settings.

3. Select AN1x Bulk Receive from the Settings menu.

4. Select the type of bulk data to be received in the window that appears.
Tip: For example, if you select 1voice in the AN1x bulk dump execute display, the AN Expert Editor should also be set to 1 Voice.

5. Click the AN Expert Editor 2Start button, and initiate bulk transmission from the AN1x controls.

CAUTION: Before turning off the MOTIF ES power it will be necessary to save the board custom voice data to a SmartMedia card or external USB memory device as a Plug-in All Bulk File (refer to Plug-in All Bulk on page 269 of the MOTIF ES owners manual).

Tip:You can set up the Auto Load function to automatically load the Plug-in All Bulk File from a SmartMedia card or external USB memory device whenever the MOTIF ES power is turned on.
(Refer to Automatically Load Files at Power On (Auto Load) on page 135 of the MOTIF ES owners manual.)

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