Describe the Basic VL Visual Editor Operating Procedure. PLG150-VL

Last Update: 10/08/2010

VL Visual Editor operation is mostly carried through two windows: the Synthesis window and the Edit window. The combination to be synthesized (DRIVER/PIPE/STRING) is selected via the Synthesis window, and detail edits are made via the Edit window.Synthesis Window] [Edit Window]

Once the VL Visual Editor is set up as described in Q1, it can be used to edit VL voices as described below.

1. Click a DRIVER icon in the Synthesis window.
Note: The DRIVER is the element that applies energy to the instrument (the strength of breath applied, or the bowing of a string & the activity that initiates the production of sound).

2. Click a PIPE/STRING icon in the Synthesis window.
Note: The PIPE/STRING is the element that maintains and amplifies the energy applied to the instrument.

3. Select a VARIATION icon from those appearing near the center of the display.

4. Click the Synthesis window Edit button to go to the Edit window.
Note: When you go to the Edit window the Patch Palette and Voice List windows will also be displayed. [Voice List] [Patch Palette] [Edit Window]

5. Drag an icon from the Patch Palette to the Patch Holder in the center of the Edit window.
Note: If youre using the MOTIF ES or other MSPS compatible instrument, Combination, Variation, Chorus, and Reverberation in the Patch Palette will have no effect.
Icons that have been dropped into the Patch Holder can be deleted by pressing the Clear button to the right of the Patch Holder.

6. Click the tabs at the bottom of the Edit window to access and edit the corresponding parameters: Suggestion/Envelope/Control/Tweak 1~3.
Note: If you're using the MOTIF ES or other MSPS compatible instrument, some settings in the Tweak tabs will have no effect.

7. Double click a voice name in the Voice List while holding the computers [Ctrl] key.

8. In the VL Voice Name Edit window that appears, enter a name for the voice via the computer keyboard, then click the OK button.
Note: Voice names must have less than 8 characters.

9. The voice data can be sent to the PLG150-VL by selecting Load to Custom Voice from the File menu.
Note: Specify the voice number to which the voice is to be loaded, and execute the operation.

The single voice selected from the Voice List will be sent to the Board Custom Bank.

The new PLG150-VL voice name will not appear on the MOTIF ES display while it is being edited using the VL Visual Editor or immediately after it has been transmitted as bulk data to the custom bank. After bulk transmission to the Board Custom Bank, the voice must be re-selected via the MOTIF ES before the new name will appear.

10. User voices created using the VL Visual Editor can be saved as voice files from the File menu.

Note:  The PLG150-VL Board Custom Bank is initialized every time the MOTIF ES power is turned off.

Each time the power is turned on original voices will either have to be reloaded via bulk transmission from the VL Visual Editor, or by using the MOTIF ES PlginAllBulk file operation (refer to File Types on page 269 of the MOTIF ES owners manual).

The VL Visual Editor manual can be viewed via the VL Visual Editor Help menu.

CAUTION: Before turning off the MOTIF ES power it will be necessary to save the board custom voice data to a SmartMedia card or external USB memory device as a Plug-in All Bulk File (refer to Plug-in All Bulk on page 269 of the MOTIF ES owners manual).

You can set up the Auto Load function to automatically load the Plug-in All Bulk File from a SmartMedia card or external USB memory device whenever the MOTIF ES power is turned on.
(Refer to Automatically Load Files at Power On (Auto Load) on page 135 of the MOTIF ES owners manual.)

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