AW16G, AW1600- Stereo Track Recording and CD Burning

Last Update: 12/16/2010

Generating the stereo track that will beburned to CDR

1.Press the [RECORD] button to access theMIXDOWNscreen.

2. Cursor to 'REC' at the center of the Display and press [ENTER] to highlight it.

3. Making sure that the peak levels are just under the zero or clip levelon the LED meter, adjust the individual track faders until an acceptable mix is attained.

4.Press the[RTZ] button.

5. Press [RECORD] and [PLAY] to start recording the Stereo Track.

6. When completed, press [SONG] and save the Song.

Burning the CD

1.Press the [CD] button and select 'Track At Onceor Disc At Once.

2. Press [ENTER]. No titles will be displayed at this point.

3. Cursor to 'NEW' and press[ENTER].The title of the first Song on the Song List with a Stereo Trackwill appear.

4.Cursor to the first Song titleand scroll with the DATA dial to the desired Song.

5.Cursor to [Execute] and press [ENTER] to burnthe CDR.

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