AW16G Hard Drive Replacement

Last Update: 03/25/2015

The original hard drive in the AW16G was a 2.5 inch IBM/Hitachi Travelstar ATAPI/IDE laptop drive. It was a 20Gb capacity with 4200rpm speed.  The IBM/Hitachi part number is IC25N020ATCS04.  There are other compatible drives in the Travelstar family. They must be 4200rpm, no larger than 40Gb and need to be a new and unformatted drive. Aftermarket suppliers of computer parts are a good source for these drives.  This is not a user serviceable part for replacement contact your closest Yamaha service center.

In addition to the replacement of the drive the operating system must be reinstalled.  The OS file must be loaded from via the CD drive.  Please contact Yamaha Support in the via email or call 714-522-9000 (USA only) to request a CD with the OS.

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