Updating the Operating System (OS) of an AW4416

Last Update: 01/09/2004

The latest operating system (OS) for the AW4416 Digital Audio Workstation on CD-ROM is automatically shipped to all registered U.S. users. 

TIP: If an AW4416 Digital Audio Workstation has not yet been registered with Yamaha it is possible to register online. Click here to access the 'Yamaha AW4416 Registration and Software Upgrade' page. After completing the online form (U.S. Customers only), a CD-ROM containing the latest operating system (Version 2.0) will be mailed out.

The latest operating system (Version 2.0) can also be downloaded from the AW4416 Operating Software Download page and copied to a CD-R disc using a CD-RW drive. The OS can then be installed on the AW4416 using the following procedure.

CAUTION: Before performing the update procedure for the AW4416, a backup of all Songs and important data is recommended to prevent loss due to unexpected errors or mishaps.
Checking the Current Software Version on an AW4416:
  1. Press and continue to hold down the [UTILITY] button while turning ON the AW4416 until the LCD screen displays 'Mixer CPU version: x.xx'.
  2. Release the [UTILITY] button and the AW4416 will complete the boot up process.
  3. If the OS version installed is less than 2.0 proceed to 'Installing the Latest Operating System CD-ROM'.

Installing the Latest Operating System CD-ROM:
  1. Press the [CD PLAY] button to access CD PLAY mode.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM disc containing the latest OS for the AW4416.
  3. Press the [SONG] button to access the Song mode.
  4. Turn OFF the AW4416.
  5. Press and continue to hold down the [HOME] and the [AUX1] buttons while turning ON the AW4416. The display will flash 'OS Update'.
  6. Release the [HOME] and the [AUX1] buttons. After approximately 2 minutes the display will indicate 'Current OS Version x.xx' showing the current OS version installed on the AW4416; and 'File OS Version x.xx' to indicate the update version about to be installed from the CD.
  7. Press the [ENTER] button to continue with the update. The Track level meters will start to light beginning with Track 1 and continuing until all sixteen Tracks are illuminated.

    CAUTION: Do not turn the unit OFF until the Track 16 meter has become illuminated.
  8. Turn the power OFF.

Verifying the Latest OS Installation:
  1. Press and continue to hold down the [UTILITY] button while turning ON the AW4416. As long as the [UTILITY] button is held down the display will indicate the OS version in the upper line of the two-line display.
  2. Verify the latest OS version indicated in the display, then release the [UTILITY] button.

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