Changes in Quick Record Function with Version 2 Operating System

Last Update: 02/16/2012

The Quick Rec screen now has two pages: Quick Rec1 and Quick Rec 2. Operations corresponding to what was the previous Quick Rec page are performed in the Quick Rec 1 page, and the newly added QuickRec 2 page allows any input channel to be freely patched to any track of the recorder.

1) In the WORK NAVIGATE section, press the [QUICKREC] button, or [F2] (Quick Rec 2) button.

The left side shows the inputs .The symbol to the right if each inputs indicate the direcet output of the input channel.
The right side shows tracks 1–16 (Tr1–Tr16). The symbols (jacks) displayed at the left of this area indicate the input to each track.

2) To change the Input Source that is assigned to an input channel, move the cursor to the number box of the corresponding channel, and turn the [DATA/JOG] dial to select the type of input .

3) To patch an input to a track, click on the input symbol to highlight it and then click on the track symbol it is to be assigned to. A line will be drawn between them indicating a connection.

4) When all patching is completed , cursor to 'Execute' and press the [ENTER] button.

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